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Photo: Stephanie Joyal

Photo: Scott L. Eckstein

Photo: Stephanie Joyal

Photo: Stephanie Joyal

Photo: Scott L. Eckstein

Photo: Scott L. Eckstein


Written By

Two hotshot screenwriters lock themselves in a room to finish a script about a haunted clown doll.

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Winner - Wizard World Award - New York City Horror Film Festival
Audience Award - Wizard World Anaheim Killer Shorts
Best Short Nominee - Indy Horror Film Festival
Best Death Scene Nominee - Indy Horror Film Fest
Best Horror Comedy Nominee - Dragon*Con Int'l Film Festival
Best Screenwriting Nominee - Chicago Horror Film Festival

Festival Screenings
2010 A Night of Horror (World Premier, Sydney)
2010 Atlanta Horror Film Festival
2010 Bram Stoker International Film Festival
2010 Indy Horror Film Festival
2010 Wizard World Killer Shorts
2010 New York City Horror Film Festival
2010 Atlanta Underground Film Festival
2010 Golden Apricot International Film Festival
2010 Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival
2010 Chicago Horror Film Festival
2010 Eerie Horror Film Festival
2010 Spooky Movie Washington D.C. Int'l Horror Film Festival
2010 Telluride Horror Show
2010 Sacramento Horror Film Festival
2010 ShockerFest International Film Festival
2010 Fargo Fantastic Film Festival
2010 HollyShorts October Screening
2011 Nevermore Film Festival

Directed by
Karni Baghdikian

Written by
Trevor Boelter &
Matt Duggan

Produced by
Stephanie Bell
Trevor Boelter
Nicole Chamberlin
Mona Nash

Trevor Boelter as Brian
Matt Duggan as Brian
Dawn Joyal as Trusee
John Burish as The Reverend

Director of Photography
David Mahlmann

Karni Baghdikian
Clint Childers

Production Design
Roy Ferré

Carla Pauley

SFX Make-Up
Michelle Diaz
Ricky Garay

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