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Running Time: 20:12, 24p color, sound

Julia and Jeff are joining friends for a birthday party in Mexico. When Jeff backs out at the last minute, Julia sets out on her own. She heads deep into Mexico, but a flat tire will take her life in a whole new direction.

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Directed by
Shelly Gant

Written by
Shelly Gant & Stephanie Little

Produced by
Shelly Gant & Mona Nash

Music Supervisor
Neil Kohan

Music by
Buddy Judge

Edited by
David Dooyun Kim

Assistant Director
John Burish

Stephanie Little
Trevor Boelter
Cesar Lomeli
Pepe Serna
Richard Asurdia
Lurbin Matute
Bodie Olmos
Isabelle Dahlin
Dawn Joyal
Charlsi Taylor

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